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RH2 Recess Power & Data Track (RH2-BHL) RH2 Recess Power & Data Track (RH2-BHL)  RH2 Recess Power & Data Track (RH2-BHL)  
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RH2 Recess Power & Data Track (RH2-BHL)
Product Reference Code: RH2
Product Description
  • Built-in Functional
  • Seamless Integration
  • Light Weight Yet Durable
  • High Workability
  • Effective Thermal & Electric Conductivity
  • Dedicated Safety Features
  • Flexible Configuration
  • Black Hairline Finishing (BHL)

 ** Note 1: For Tracks above 2000mm, please call our Sales Support for assistance.

** Note 2: Power track comes with 1 pair of End Terminal and End Cap. Also comes with 1 piece of 60mm + 30mm Blank Cover.

** Require hacking to the wall.

Size :

You can enter your custom size if any:
Note: custom size will be charged additional RM50.00

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Other Options
Size and Weight (based on 1000 mm recessed length)

1000 mm (Length) x  80 mm (Width) x 33.8 mm (Depth)

Comes with 60 mm Dummy slots (enable to fit 2x Datacom Sockets)

Weight Estimated 2200 grams1
 Eubiq International Adaptor Spec
Enclosure Housing & Track Aluminium
Insulation Polycarbonate
Accessories Alotment (Optional)
Suggested Accessories DS3 datacom socket housing
Electrical Rating
Rated Voltage 250 VAC (Single Phase)
Rated Current Max 40 Amp
Frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Conditional Short-Circuit Rating
  • (MCB: IN:40 Amp UE:400 V), Type B (BS EN 60898-1)
  • Prospective current: 6 kAmp (BS EN 60439-2)
Conductor Resistance Between Line & Neutral 4.4 mΩ per meter run
Conductor Impedance 4.5 mΩ per meter run
Voltage Drop
  • Line to Neutral: 4.50 mV/A per meter run
  • Line to Earth: 2.73 mV/A per meter run
Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage 4000 VAC
Connection of Adaptor or Tap-Off Unit Intended to be connected and disconnected when system is energized and with a load connected.
Terminal Connecting Capacity For Live, Neutral & Earth 4.0 mm2 to 10.0 mm2
Environmental Requirement
Ambient Operating Temperature -5 °C to 40 °C(not to exceed an average of more than 25 °C in any 24 hours period)
Maximum Installation Altitude 2000 m
Resistance To Impact Heavy impact
Degree of Protection IP4X
Degree of Pollution (non-conductive pollution with temporary conductivity caused by condensation)
Standard Compliances
IEEE Standard Specification
  • SS 241:1997 / BS 5733:1995
  • Partial SS 145 Part 2:1997 / BS 1363 Part 2:1995
  • SASO 2203 / SASO CVG.235:26 Nov, 2001
  • ASTA certified
  • PSB test mark
Product Warranty
Warranty 3 year subject to Eubiq Limited Warranty Statement


RH2 Track Product Specification - Download

RH2 Installation Manual Guide - Download

British Standard Adaptor (BS4-L-BLK)
British Standard Adaptor (BS4-L-BLK)
DS3b Blank Data Insert c/w 20Amp Switch-BLK
DS3b Blank Data Insert c/w 20Amp Switch-BLK
DS3b Blank Data Insert c/w 10Amp Switch-BLK
DS3b Blank Data Insert c/w 10Amp Switch-BLK
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